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The following is a Literal translation of the French Version of this exposé.

This Site is a direct result of the unprecedented announcement by la SAAQ to increase the cost of a Classe 6A  Drivers Permit by 200% over the next two years.

 The proposed increases will be subject to a Public Enquiry whose members will have as Mandate :
  • To review the proportionate insurance contributions outlined by la SAAQ.
  • To hold public meetings to gather comments from the affected group and other interested parties.
  • To subsequently submit recommendations to the Administrative Board of la SAAQ.

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I approach you on behalf of all motorcyclists residing in the Province of Quebec. We are being directly targeted by la SAAQ, firstly by the announcement that licence plate fees will be substantially increased followed by a massive increase in the cost of our Driver’s Permit.

Through this petition, I wish to indicate our total disagreement with their proposals

We wish to make our position known to :

-The Prime Minister of Quebec, Jean Charest,
-The Minister of Transport, Michel Després

I do not know if you will agree with me, but I am not totally against an increase in fees so as to permit la SAAQ to continue to meet it’s mandate, but may I suggest that the moneys needed be obtained by charging the people who are violating the Quebec Code de la Route rather than choosing to target motorcyclists as a group, bearing in mind that most drivers respect the Law.

I am sure that I am not the only one who gets the feeling that la SAAQ no longer wants residents of Quebec to drive Motorcycles.

Would you like to know more about what la SAAQ has planned? (links provided by le Comite d’action politique motorcycliste CAPM.

 A few interesting facts :

  • According to Mr. Harbour (Radio-Canada / Aujourd'hui March 10, 2006) - " the deficit of 500 million dollars per year, is broken down into four major risk groups: 334 million is attributed to pleasure vehicles; 109 million to motorcycles; 6 million to mopeds; and 52 million to commercial vehicles."

    I therefore ask myself…... if these figures are correct and if 334 million is really related to pleasure vehicles and   109 million to motorcycles, why should motorcyclists be charged so disproportionately?  Are we getting the run around because la SAAQ is feeling the heat! :)

  • To say that la SAAQ is in a deficit situation is untrue:  Prime Minister Charest recently stated in a television interview (on TVA with Mr. Stephanie Bureau on March 7, 2006) that la SAAQ was in the black by 2 million dollars for 2005.

  • Should a driver choose not to renew his/her permit with a Classe 6A designation but changes his/her mind at some later date, that person will have to proceed as if he/she had never had a permit to drive a motorcycle.  Please refer to  "Pour un régime durable et équitable", a very interesting document indeed, however pay close attention to scenario 2015(page 18) in the motorcycle section (page 24).

  • La SAAQ works under a "No Fault" program which indecently allows a drunk driver to make a claim even if he/she was at fault just like his/her victim.

  • It is a known fact that la SAAQ rarely asks for supporting invoices when making reimbursement to claimants. In so doing pay outs are often greater than they should be as one could claim for new pants and a leather spots jacket when in fact the person was wearing a tee shit and shorts. This could well be part of the reason for the unprecedented increase being requested. We all know that this would be a fraudulent claim, but do you not think it is up to la SAAQ to verify claims more closely so as to ensure proper disbursements from Public Funds.

  • Ontario drivers pay one quarter of what it costs us for their Drivers Permit: http://www.drivetest.ca/en/license/Fee.aspx

  • In 2004, according to information obtained from la SAAQ there was a total of  647 registered deaths under their accident programs, which included, 84 pedestrians, 15 bicycle  and 57 motorcycles ( thus  8.8% were motorcycle related). http://www.saaq.gouv.qc.ca/publications/nous/enbref_2004a.pdf

  • Similarly their 2004 figures show, a total of 49850 recorded accidents, 3127 pedestrians, 2452 bicycle and 2149 motorcycle related (a total of 4.31%).

That having been said, if you have any comments , suggestions, facts  or proven situations, do not hesitate to forward them to us at  info@touscontrelasaaq.com


  • Read what has been stated above and if you agree with our position
  • Sign the Petition
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In addition to signing the Petition you can voice your displeasure buy sending E- Mail messages to  the following:

 La SAAQ: courrier@saaq.gouv.qc.ca

To Jean Charest: Cliquez ici

TO Michel Després: ministre@mtq.gouv.qc.ca



Official position of le Comité d'action politique motocycliste (CAPM)
Subject :Be it known that we are opposed to any unjustifiable increase to the Insurance portion of our Driver’s Permit

As residents, we are completely opposed to any unjustifiable increases to the insurance premium being targeted towards motorcyclists. Our position is very clear. There has been no justification for an increase. Therefore the cost of our Driver’s Permit cannot change.

Very simply stated our opposition stems from the fact that the « redressement » (i.e. the increase) do not take into account the analysis made at the discussion table and by the working group on motorcycling in Quebec which was set up by the  Minister of Transport (in 1999, 2000 et 2004), nor were the resulting recommendations.

This insurance Plan must respect its social objective by making sure that all participants are charged an equal share .Therefore we request that Motorcyclists be part of the pleasure vehicle group thereby adhering to the  various recommendations made in Public hearings held on June 2 2004 as regards «  la loi 55 » which were again reiterated to the working group in October of that same year. Based on recent information released by various authorities we now feel that all the efforts made over the past 18 months were ignored, even though official sources had indicated many items were settled even to the point that we had been lead to believe that a Policy on Motorcycling in Quebec was eminent.

The unjustifiable rate structure that la SAAQ is proposing for motorcyclists is a desire to intentionally decrease the number of motorcyclists in Quebec so as to limit it’s expenses, Any such action will be , without hesitation , be seen by the motorcycle community as premeditated discrimination.

Be it known that we hold elected representatives responsible for any action taken by la SAAQ as they are the people who delegated powers to that Society. We support le Comité d’action politique motocycliste (CAPM) who have reiterated in our name its opposition to any unjustifiable increase and therefore request that the Government ensures that any such proposals be turned down. We therefore request that our elected representative at the National assembly ensures that any unjustifiable increase to the motorcycling community not occur.


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